The Land

Lazio has one of the most incredible terroirs of Italy. It is difficult to imagine that so little good wines are coming from this volcanic soils. Big producers make little wines just for the money, for the tourists who know very little about our lands and for restaurants who know nothing about wines.

The vineyards of Piana Dei Castelli lies across the land of Velletri, a city South of Rome on the feet of the volcanic craters that are now known as the Albano & Nemi lakes. On the other side we have the mountain chain of Monti Lepini that is rich in limestone.

Piana Dei Castelli means: “the flat castle”. While everyone is focussing on Chateaux wines we try to show that our only castle is our terroir.


A lot of wineries chose to plant their vines on the volcanic mountains, which are great terroirs. As we work in a natural way we need a rich soil but also a very important natural force: “the wind” coming from the Mediterranean sea raging between those two mountains. This wind is a natural cure for a lot of diseases in the vineyards.


In the region of Velletri temperatures can reach easily 35°C, thanks to the wind we have significant temperature drop during the nights. Our grapes don’t cook and keep enough freshness and acidity.


Our soils are rich volcanic soils full of tuffo that has been pushed up by the tectonic plates.

Beside the tuffo our soil is also very rich in iron and limestone due to the specific location next to the Monti Lepini and the Apennines.
Our grapes are usually riper than in other regions. Due to our special terroir and our special care.


It is very important for us to let the nature do her own progress. It’s not up to us to help nature, but to take care of it.
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Grape Selection

We have chosen the best grape varieties to fit our soils. Beside this selection we also experimenting with the crossing of different varieties to make them more resistant. Each grape is planted and maintained in a different way (pergola, guillot,…)