The Philosophy

Matteo Ceracchi owner of Piana Dei Castelli doesn’t see himself as a winemaker. He is a farmer who helps nature to make healthy grapes that can be transformed into wine.

The Vineyards
In the vineyards no chemical substances are used. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.

All the “-cides” make us think of Genocides. That is already enough reason not to use them.

We listen to our plants and try to understand what they need. This is very time consuming as we try to verify each plant every week so we can help them to develop better.

The Harvest

During the harvest we try to do multiple selections in the vineyards first. Then we harvest in different periods. Early harvests to bring more freshness, later harvests to bring more structure and richness. But also depending on the grape variety we decide to harvest during the night or during the day and use both cold and warm maceration.

The Cellar

After harvesting the grapes we use long maceration for all our wines, sometimes even till 180 days or more. We use only oak barrels for certain wines but most of are wines are aged in stainless steel or cement.
Every wine undergoes a spontaneous fermentation without added yeast. During the whole process nothing is being added to the wines. Some of our wines are controlled by temperature only. Before the bottling none of our wines is filtered or clarified. That’s why most of the wine still have a bit of remaining natural CO2.

The Wines
You’ll find on all our bottles that some minor changes between bottles can happen, this is nature. We do not have wines to win prices, nor to compare with other wine regions, nor to satisfy the market’s needs.  We have wines that nature gave us, wines that reflects our terroir and our personality.


We refuse to join any bureaucratic appellation system that generalize all the wines of our region.  All our wines are for now under IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) of Lazio. But we mention also that all are wines are from our beloved area of Velletri.
We are also members of Vignaioli Indipendenti.